Fire Rescue Services Billing

Emergency Medical Services
The Fire Rescue Department seeks reimbursement for Emergency Medical Services provided to patients that are transported to area hospitals. The process begins with our office submitting a claim to the patients insurance carrier, based on information collected at the time of transport. If there is no information collected at the time of transport, the patient will be invoiced for the fees and will be given an opportunity to submit applicable insurance information. Patients will be held responsible for balances not covered under their insurance.

Ambulance Billing Questions
For questions and information about your bill:
  • If you were transported between March 1, 2012  to October 31, 2014 please call 912-729-3911 or email us
  • If you were transported on or after November 1, 2014 please call 855.347.1360 . We currently use AMB as our third party billing company.  Please direction all questions and correspondence to AMB.
Please note that on November 1, 2014 Camden County Fire Rescue transitioned its EMS billing services to a third party billing agency and all questions and correspondence should be directed to AMB at 855.347.1360

All Hazard Services
The Fire Rescue Department seeks reimbursement for All Hazard Services, but not limited to, structure fires, vehicle fires, motor vehicle crashes, hazardous material spill/leaks, and technical rescue incidents. In most cases the liability insurance carrier will be invoiced for services provided at the customary rate.

For questions or more information about All Hazard Services billing please call 912-729-3911 or email us.