Posted on: June 6, 2017

Camden County Fire Rescue Project Selected as "Brilliant Idea"

Camden County’s 2017 Best in Category Achievement Award entry titled “Brush Truck and Tanker Retrofit Program through a Public-Public Partnership” has been selected as one of the 100 Brilliant Ideas at Work by the National Association of Counties (NACo).

The awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that enhance services for residents.

Earlier this year, NACo announced “Brilliant Ideas at Work” as the theme for this year’s National County Government Month. All of NACo’s 100 Brilliant Ideas will be shared on NACo’s website the week of June 5, and a comprehensive, interactive online publication will be launched at the Annual Conference on July 22nd to serve as an important resource for counties pursuing similar objectives.

The Camden County Fire Rescue Department partnered with the Georgia Forestry Commission through the Rural Fire Defense lease program to purchase three (3) former military trucks. These trucks were retrofitted to become combination brush and tanker trucks to aid the Camden County Fire Rescue in fighting forest and brush fires. After the cost of retrofitting the trucks, Camden County was able to save approximately $650,000. The addition of these trucks to the County’s fleet will lower vehicle maintenance costs, provide safer equipment, and improve response times for Camden County citizens.

Camden County will be recognized by NACo President Bryan Desloge at a reception on July 22, 2017, as part of the 2017 Annual Conference and Exposition in Franklin County (Columbus), Ohio.

“I am thrilled that the hard work of Camden County employees is being recognized at this level as a best practice,” said Camden County Administrator Steve Howard. “The honor of sharing ideas with other county governments reinforces the high quality of service that we provide to the residents of Camden County.”

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